With food waste audits likely to become mandatory soon, we can help you take the lead. There are numerous advantages in reducing your food waste, from environmental to financial benefits, as well as enhancing your business CSR credentials. Our audits allow you to identify opportunities and tackle challenges, to reduce operational costs and reduce your environmental impact. Our audits are designed to give you a 360 degrees overview of your business operations, to allow you to understand where are you at to then create a baseline that will allow you to easily set targets and measure performances.



  • Process mapping of catering operations;

  • Key stakeholder identification.


  • Data collection (qualitative and quantitative);​

  • Food waste data analysis and measurement;​

  • Food waste data baseline creation;​

  • KPIs and targets creation


  • Company's findings presentation;

  • Tailored action plan design with KPIs;

  • Bespoke food waste action plan;​​

  • Bespoke food waste reporting template.


  • Internal and external communications strategy design;​

  • Staff training and engagement.

The package can be tailored to your business needs.

Pick and choose or get in touch to discuss which services are right for you.