What to do with leftover Chickpeas Water

Did you know that you could make macaroons and meringues out of chickpeas water?

The leftover viscous liquid from chickpeas (commonly found at the bottom of chickpeas cans) is called Aquafaba.

Due to its ability to mimic the properties of egg whites, aquafaba can be employed as a substitute for egg whites.

How do I obtain it?

Simply drain a can of chickpeas and save the liquid in a container.

How do I use it?

There are many ways you can use aquafaba:


It usually takes 3 to 6 minutes to whip and the thickness of the aquafaba at the beginning of the process. You can use a hand or stand mixer.

With whipped aquafaba, you can make:

- Vegan Waffles click here for the recipe

- Vegan Meringues click here for the recipe

- Vegan Macaroons click here for the recipe


- Vegan Amaretti Cookies click here for the recipe

- Vegan Mayo click here for the recipe

Who would have thought that chickpeas water could have been so useful?

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