• Reducing costs during a financial crisis is important; food waste = avoidable cost.

  • Downtime allows companies to reconsider and redesign their current environmental strategy;

  • New Regulations and Safety Measures will be implemented;

  • A shift in Consumers Demand will have to be addressed;

  • Consumers will become more environmentally-conscious

TFWP Broccoli and pear covid.png


With a new world emerging post-pandemic crisis, there is a stronger interest from consumers in the corporate actions taken to safeguard humanity from other challenges such as disease and climate change.


Climate change is another global threat, and should no longer be put aside. 


The recent events will influence how consumers see the world, and it is, therefore, a crucial time to stand out.


Post COVID-19 consumers will be more environmental-conscious and will support those companies that take the lead in reducing their environmental impact. There as never been a better time for companies to become more sustainable.


The interlude that the hospitality industry is experiencing is an opportunity to explore the design of environmental-friendly strategies and more sustainable practices going forward. 


This epidemic will have a huge impact on customers' dietary preferences. Customers will pay more attention to the safety of food choices, relying on the source of the ingredients, the quality of the ingredients and on whether the handling of the ingredients is safe. Starting from scratch to prepare for this new demand is a great opportunity to redesign your food waste strategy alongside.